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My clients and their comments

My previous and current editing & proofreading work includes:

  • editing scientific and technical journal articles, including physical science, biological science, chemistry, engineering, technology and computing
  • editing PhD science theses
  • editing technical, academic and educational books, including copy-editing Physics AS level for Pearson Education (Heinemann) and graduate-level Physics for Oxford University Press
  • editing business materials, including reports and marketing materials
  • Americanizing and Anglicizing texts

...for a variety of countries around the world.

My corporate clients include:

Nature Publishing Group, Institute of Physics, Oxford University Press, The Science Museum, London School of Economics, NERA Economic Consulting, Wearset Publishing Services, Digital TV Group, Competitive Intelligence & Consulting Ltd, Translations International Inc. (formerly McNeil Multilingual Inc.), Ticon UK Ltd, Berkeley Scientific Translation Service, Reichhold Inc., The Institute for European Studies, Prince Sultan University, International University Line, Demona d.o.o., and DPR Consulting Services Ltd.

Some comments on my work:

"Thanks a lot for your fantastic work. I have tried many proofreaders, your work is outstanding. In particular, your comments were very helpful. Thank your [sic] very much indeed once again."
S. Yang, UK.

"Many thanks for your very kind support. I will be in touch soon with additional work....Many thanks for the editing job. It was excellent. You spotted all of my mistakes and there were many. I am also grateful for doing the job according to the established deadline. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."
G. Bono, Belgium.

"Thanks for your quick service! Your work looks good and I am very pleased with your fast turnaround. Thanks for the good work!"
Marlo R. Martin, PhD, Director, Berkeley Scientific Translation Service, Inc., CA, USA. www.berksci.com

"Thanks for doing such a great editing job on my paper. Thanks to you and your services I turned my paper in with confidence and without worrying about grammar and format."
C. Montanez, CA, USA.

"Thanks a million for your splendid work with excellent attention to detail! I will certainly recommend your help to anyone who needs to have something proofread."
A. Forster, postgraduate student, UK.

[Referring to editing done on an article for a science journal:]
"Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for your prompt service Emma, you always do a terrific job....Thank you! I appreciate your help."
L. Neighbour, TX, USA.

"It is amazing how much [sic] mistakes I had made and how careful you have been in reading and correcting my work....In the past the proofreading did not do enough to improve the quality of my work. Although I must say that I have tried hard to improve my English and [the] quality of my work I would never know how much I have improved; that is why I need your service because I know that you have that quality....My MANY thanks to you for your service."
N. Bakar, UK.

"Dear Emma, I am very pleased with your editing. It improved the essay significantly, and it appears more professional. Thanks!"
M. S., Germany.

"The work you did was fantastic. Thanks for all your help. Your services are a life saver!"
C. Markland, UK.

"Many thanks for your quick service. I can now finalize my paper as scheduled. Your work looks good."
M. Kamiya, France.

"Thanks for your help....I would also like to thank you for your careful and clear explaining....Thank you very much."
L. Chen, PhD student, UK.

"I really liked [that] you kindly prepared two papers, one plain and [in] the other I can see the changes. [The] plain one saved me time and the other one helped [me] to study my problems [with] writing English... Actually I ordered some other parts [from another] editing service company in [the] US, but the quality is not good and they didn't return [my work] to me in time. So I am very happy with your work. If I have a problem with writing [further] papers in English, I would like to ask you again. And I will recommend you to my friends as well."
K. Yuko, ESL student, UK.

"Thank you for your editing service. You made me realise the grammatical errors (esp. concerning the use of articles) that I've been making repeatedly. I believe it's now a much nicer work to read."
C. Lee, MSc student, UK.

"Thank you for the great effort and wonderful work in such short time. I really appreciate all of your help."
M. Govender, South Africa.

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